The True Origin of Coats of Arms

Heraldry is the skill which teaches how to blazon or describe in proper terms armorial bearings and their accessories.

Hereditary coats of arms of families were first introduced at the commencement of the twelfth century.

When various armies engaged in the expeditions to the Holy Land, the Crusades, consisting of the troops of twenty different nations, they were obliged to adopt some ensign or mark in order to marshal the armies under the banners of the various leaders.

The regulation of the symbols whereby the Sovereigns and Lords of Europe should be distinguished was a matter of great importance, and it was properly entrusted to the Heralds who invented signs of honour and made general regulations for their display on the banners and shields of the chiefs of the different nations.

The embellishments and regulations were sanctioned by the sovereigns engaged in the Crusade, and hence the origin of the present system of Heraldry, which prevails with trifling variations in every kingdom of Europe.

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